Our Goals


The Collins Reynolds Foundation’s goals are:

Goal 1 – To provide generic antibiotics for children under the age of five suffering and dying from acute bacterial pneumonia infections.

Goal 2 – To provide clean drinking water for the millions of adults and children who don’t have access to clean water and to reduce the number of waterborne illness cases in children under the age of five years old. 

Goal 3 – To reduce/end global child mortality.

We started The Collins Reynolds Foundation (CRF) because reductions in annual child mortality rates have been modest and so much more can be done. 

CRF uses simple solutions and existing technologies to solve complex problems and reduce child mortality. Our foundation has little or no overhead which minimizes administrative costs and at this time we only accept monetary donations and financial instruments.  Donations are tax deductible but please consult with your tax advisor to determine your eligibility.  90% of every dollar goes directly to fund our mission.  Your gift is used to purchase generic antibiotics and ceramic water filters.

Please send your support to the address located on the contact page or simply send your gift via our donate page.  Thank you for saving a child’s life!


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